Love Letter to My Black Jumpsuit

Dear Black Jumpsuit from Hush, from the moment you arrived on my doorstep in 2017 you changed my attitude to clothing.


Jumpsuits hadn’t really been on my radar much. I assumed they were another fleeting trend which wouldn’t suit me. I have too many problem zones to be able to shop freely and without trying stuff on.

But a wide-legged jumpsuits on me was almost revolutionary (especially after so many years of trying to make skinny jeans work).

Because you are so. Darn. Comfortable.

And yet when I wear you I still feel put-together.

I felt free.


It actually makes me angry. Why isn’t this the rule, rather than the exception?

In many ways you’ve inspired the creation of this site. You substantially raised the bar for the level of comfort I expected from my clothing.  And for that I will love you forever, as well as wear you to death.

No more heels for me. No more underwiring (bralettes – that’s another love letter for another day). No more uncomfortable layering (this one is more difficult) or lining. No more bloody ironing.

I’m dedicating my life to stylish but versatile pieces of clothing just like you.

Since then I’ve acquired numerous jumpsuits in varying hemlines and shades of black and navy, but somehow you’re still the most flattering.

Eternally yours,


PS Please come back in a winter incarnation though.

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