Why I Spent Hundreds on Bikinis from Boden

This is so not me. Usually I buy one bikini and it lasts me yeeeaars. Until it bobbles and falls apart in the washing machine.

I’ve always been firmly in the string bikini camp, because I find that less is more when it comes to bikinis. Less flappy material (I hate the feeling of flappy wet swimsuit material). And those handy ties mean you can adjust so that they don’t cut in.

But this year my – for some reason – it’s been surprisingly hard to find basic black string bikinis. There’s all sorts of strappy dominatrix nonsense in the shops. Not only is that not really the vibe I’m looking for, but it’s also tanline hell. Presumably the people who wear these contraptions are the ones who regularly drop money on fake tans.

I’m also not looking for underboob.

My search eventually led me to Boden, that reliable British powerhouse of catalogue days gone by. A sensible brand for those early-middle-aged years when you start thinking about posh trousers, tweed, and jazzy prints (see also: Joules, Seasalt).

Actually I love Boden. They’re really great for tailoring and summerwear that will last more than one season. I highly recommend signing up to their newsletter – they have frequent codes for 20% off. I only buy stuff from Boden when they have this offer on.

(US readers – Boden is available for you too!)

So anyway, I finally found a basic triangle string bikini on Boden and when I tried it on it fitted amazingly. Swimmingly, even.

These bikinis are it.

The bra pads are sewn in so they don’t move around in the wash (I hate that).

And the bottoms give just the right amount of coverage – that’s a UK interpretation of coverage though, Brazilians would find them hideous. But personally I like bikini bottoms that don’t ride up my butt.

So I went ahead and ordered loads, in both black and navy.

At the moment I’m favouring the Sardinia top with the Contrast Tie bottoms but there are plenty of alternatives.

They’re not particularly cheap ($45 or £25 for each separate) so do look for the discount emails, but they are well made and I fully intend to make mine last for a good 5 years at least.